Thinking of selling - What to expect when listing your home

Real Estate in Nanaimo - What to expect when listing your home!

What to expect

1)     The first days and weeks - Your home will be entered into a computer within 24 hours after it 4431 for a new listing, with special features that your home has, then it is possible that your home will be shown within a few days after it has been listed. We use this first week to bring the Property Disclosure and Sellers Disclosure forms to your home, fine tune the showing procedure, get your for sale sign installed and work on the upcoming marketing activities including feature sheets and other promotional materials.

2)     About office tours - Our office tours new listings on Tuesdays, after our sales meeting, generally between 9.30am and 12.30pm.  This is when the agents from not only our office, but other brokerages in the town, will walk through your home.  Homes are usually toured within the first month of the listing. 

If you are home when the tour comes through, it may appear that the agents ‘fly through’ your home, but they are just there to become acquainted with the layout and the showing condition of the home.  Please do not consider it an insult.  When showing it to a buyer, they obviously will spend more time.

Please have your home ready for the tour the same way you would if a buyer was coming. Have it clean and tidy, the lights on and pets safely out of the way or out of the home.

3)     About appointments - Buyers or other agents will contact me directly to view your property, I will check with yourself that the date and time is convenient and then confirm it back to them.  After a showing I will follow up with the potential buyer or agent to assess any further interest in your home.

4)     Being on time for appointments - It is important to understand why sometimes agents cannot be at your home in the time frame that they requested.  Sometimes the buyer is late for an appointment, or they stay longer at one or more houses throwing the agents schedule off.  Some people look at houses in short order, while others may take longer.  I often have no way of knowing this so it can throw our schedule off. 

Appointments are normally booked in one hour time slots which means the showing should occur at some time in that hour and not necessarily at the beginning of the time period.  I appreciate your understanding of this.


5)     No shows - Sometimes a buyer changes directions on us in mid-stream with what they want to look at so an agent has to go to entirely different areas or subdivisions, and may not be able to call to cancel the appointment.  I apologise for the inconvenience if this should happen.  It is not commonplace but it has happened.

6)     Arriving without an appointment - Please do not allow access to anyone unless you have been contacted by me.  This is for security reasons and your own personal safety.

7)     What to do while buyers are looking - It is not necessary for you to leave the house every time an agent makes an appointment, but when they arrive please take a walk outside, or if the weather does not permit go to an area of the house out of ‘ear shot’.  This is so the buyer feels comfortable in making comments about your home to their agent and does not feel pressurised to leave quickly.  We would rather the buyer spent longer looking at your home.

Be cautious in talking to the buyer, what you see as a positive feature may not be the same as how the buyer sees it.  Casual remarks that you feel are harmless could possibly cause the prospect to eliminate your home. Remember, though neither the agent or the buyer knows your home as well as you do, the agent does know the buyer.

Please put valuables away, especially small items like jewellery.  I have never had a problem but make it a practice not to invite trouble.

8)     Keeping in tip top condition - Just like any other showroom, your home needs to appear in ‘perfect’ condition every day.  That’s difficult and we understand but a home remaining unsold on the market is more trouble than keeping it clean and tidy in the short term.  Condition is one important way in which a seller says “I care” and that’s very important to most buyers.

Setting the stage and mood really does help a house to sell.  Please turn on all of the lights for a showing to allow for an easy and safe viewing.  Some background music that is not too loud but easy listening helps.  Check that all walking areas and stairs are free of objects so there are no trip hazards.  If it is hot outside turn on fans or air conditioning and if it is cold outside make sure it is warm and comfortable inside.  If there are any odours like pets, cigarettes or mustiness try and eliminate them.

9)     Feedback and follow up - I will follow up with potential buyers or agents that have viewed your home.  Sometimes it takes several tries and several days to reach them for feedback.  If there is something of importance to share with you about the showing, I will always contact you quickly.  I will be in touch with you by phone and email but you may always feel free to contact me as well.


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